central park last week ☮

central park last week 

Anonymous asked:
what do you think of chase's video commenting on the trouble with the trans community and their stealth shaming?

community shmamyoobidity. 

1 guy made 1 video with his 1 opinion and then chase made a video about how he didn’t like it. anything about percentages is GUestimating. i don’t think you can talk about “the community” as a whole in any youtube situation. there are soooo many stealth people and some people who think it’s a privilege and they don’t like it or they do or who cares? “stealth shaming?” i can’t. 

Anonymous asked:
I have watched your videos for years, every once in a while I ask you something on here, but you never reply. Do you care about your fans? I use to look up to you and I'd look to you for help since you been where I am, but you never answered. Why?

Can you just send the question anonymously with a *please answer* because a lot of the time I answer urgent questions or the ones at the top of my inbox. I have a lot of messages that I wasn’t sure how to answer or didn’t feel right answering. A lot of those were not Anonymous. Of course I care about every person that follows me. I love you. I just have a lot of messages and some get lost. I don’t wanna say how many because I don’t want people to stop asking things. If a lot come at once then I’m like “okay I’ll go back and answer” or “ill answer in a vid” and then more and more happens and life happens and dont hate me

Anonymous asked:
when will you do a tube with ryan cassata?

soooooooooooon, my pretty. got a topic request for us/me/him?

Anonymous asked:
I just moved to Sacramento and was wondering if you would ever meet up with anyone if they came to you and wanted to learn more from you as a person?

Yeah, for sure!

Anonymous asked:
Hey emery, so i'm about 7 months on t, and my singing voice is completely gone, like i have absolutely no range at all and its honestly getting me really down cause music is a huge part of my life.. i thought this might happen, i just didnt expect it to get me so down i guess.. i know you play a lot of music as well so i was curious if this was something that you experienced and how you got through it?

Hey bruh. 7 months is brutal, lol. Yeah, I experienced that. I’m experiencing it again right now at 29 months. It’s gonna pass. It can be annoying and maybe a little discouraging, but what I did was just work on my instrumentals and writing while my voice was settling. You can still sing, just not to your full potential so you can still practice. If it’s making you aggro or dysphoric to sing at all during this time, my advice would be to write about it so you don’t forget what it was like. Then you can have more joy in gratitude when it’s over with. Be nice to yourself. Do some stretches or shower or something lol. You’re not alone on this one FOR sure. Plus it wont last very long.  

pumkinspicejared asked:
Have you ever considered doing a collab video? (Besides the one with Arielle)

yeah ive done collabs with fionn, caleb, and a few others. i’m planning on doing one with someone you probably know soon.

Anonymous asked:
When a transguy starts T and he has growth down there,is he technically intersex?

The term “intersex” refers to atypical and internal and/or external anatomical sexual characteristics, where features usually regarded as male or female may be mixed to some degree. This is a naturally occurring variation in humans and not a medical condition. It is to be distinguished from transsexuality, a phenomenon where someone has an evident sex, but feels as if he or she belongs to the other sex and is therefore ready to undergo a medical intervention altering his or her natural sex.[13]

- The Counsel of Europe

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersex

what is the best way y’all have figured out to pack with the sailor? i’ve been in a sock and tighty whities forever, sometimes pinning the sock to the inside of my underwear.. but this weekend i’m going to an actual event where i’m wearing nice black pants and boxer briefs… any recommendations on homemade harnesses or whatever they’re called?

Anonymous asked:
Do you feel like you've outgrown making youtube vids? you don't do it often at all unless people ask you where before you just did them. I'm just wondering if maybe you just aren't into them anymore

I don’t feel like I’ve outgrown YouTube. I made a video the other day, but didn’t get to finish editing it because I had to leave for the city. My life is very different today than when I started making videos. I’ve been settling in in the bay area, trying to get medical stuff figured out, and working. I leave for New York on Thursday. I’d like to blog from there! I’ll be traveling after that too! Tomorrow I’m off in the afternoon so maybe I will update and talk about this specific thing… That’s funny… But you’re right. I haven’t been as active unless I can find an excuse to be. I don’t have an unlimited amount of internet like before, but I will again.  


doctors: why are all your bones broken
me: totally gnarly kick flip
doctors: fucking savage bro