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what a gem what a pearl beyond rubies is laura jane grace
Anonymous said: that was fast

Anonymous said: Hey! i only have just over a month and a bit left of high school and ive seriously been wanting to come out, more so now because i dont want the awkward interactions later on when i start T in the summer (hopefully) do you think its a good idea? and if so whats the best why to do so? i respect everything you do and all your opinions in your videos, you're a true role model for me. thank you for posting videos. Love from Canada! <3

Thanks Canada :) <3 I am a very strong supporter of following your heart. If you want to come out, DO IT. Tell your principal, tell your teachers, send out Facebook messages. BE YOU. Don’t be afraid. Be mindful of possibly dangerous situations, don’t let anger get the best of you. Know that you have an army of love behind you in whatever you do. You really do. 

Anonymous said: I think I'm gonna do a cover to "I knew" it's such a good song I love it <3

Pleeeease send me a link if you do!!!!!! Pleeeease?! :)

Anonymous said: Does it make you self conscious that she's taller? I'm a transguy and height is a huge deal to me :/ I'm 5ft 6

No. It’s just love & it doesn’t come with requirements about stuff like that. People on the street is what your worried about, maybe? In passing they might have a .5 second thought like oh wow short & then they just go back to thinking about themselves, you know?

Anonymous said: Why have you break up with your ex girlfriend ?


Anonymous said: Does it suck if a woman breaks up with you for a cis guy.

It sucks if you wanna be with a girl and she breaks up with you.

Anonymous said: How long have you been playing the djembe for?

I grew up with a kit and then my friend lent me her djembe 2 summers ago but I only played it a few times. I used to play the tables in school. So I’ve been playing the djembe probably like 10 days all together cuz one time I was up north in Arcata and I played it there but the older boys laughed at me so I stopped yup wow long winded much? Drums.

Anonymous said: How do you get so many women? this is a serious question

I just have one woman lol I am nice so she likes me I guess

Anonymous said: are you and Danny the same height?

nah she’s taller than me

y&#8217;all haters shakin like booties up in a strip club