Anonymous asked:
Hopefully your ex will stop trying to be so much like your current gf. creepyyyy

What do you mean? Which ex? How so? I am intrigued. 

Anonymous asked:
You didn't even ask me or anyone for that matter to consider buying you things (such as a beanie) and what others are willing to do for you shouldn't bother someone that it doesn't effect, someone's just taking it personally that people show you love and actually want to buy you things, to me it has nothing to do with pleasing you, I simply enjoy buying people things and it's a bonus that it does please you.

Thank you, stranger :) A bitch is a bitch, but a dawg is a mans best friend. lol I have been trying not to be a dick when it comes to anons, considering the golden rule and all, but fuckit right now. When people are loving, it’s so refreshing & when people are rude it brings out the karate kid in me. I love you too.

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry but it just seems lousy to have a "donations/tips" link, and to accept even so much as a beanie from your admirers. But then I guess I believe in standing on your own two feet and having some pride.

So you think it’s “lousy” to stand on the side of the street and play music with an open can for tips/donations too, then.. Pride.. Haha… You’re an asshole.

fionn…. what the actual fuck goes on in your head when you post a pic like this??????
Anonymous asked:
I want to buy you a beanie but you need to let me know what kind of beanies you like, maybe you can make a wish list again but I'll probably find something similar close to me and purchase it instead of internet shop. Don't trust the internet after the last thing I purchased ended up adding 40% more to my shipping AFTER I confirmed the price.


Hii :) You are so secret admirer right now lol 

My favorite beanies are by Brixton. I had a bunch that were handed down to me by a friend that used to work for that company in their early days. My green/coyote brown one that I always used to wear (that was stolen in Budapest) was the “heist” style beanie by Brixton. So that’s the general style I prefer. I like the Ernie one on their too, just to give you an idea of what style/colors. Earthy, long/scrunchable, plain old beanie.

Thanks for being a kind spirit. I needed the smile :)

stormyteacup asked:
I think you're incredibly attractive.

I tend to have that effect on scottish people :P Just kidding. My best friend is scottish lol. Youz cute :) Thank you so much! I followed you back <3

For Tonight

Hey Yooous,

Danny comes home tomorrow night :)

SO, I’m going to make a video tonight to get the word out about the video we will be making about cohabitation and intimacy. I’m also going to talk a bit about Caden and I.

Is there anything else anyone would like me to cover while the camera is on?

Anonymous asked:
Emery, I'm having a not so great day. What music should I listen to?

medicine for the people

Anonymous asked:
Oh Emery why are you

bc I read dr seuss when i was a kid

Anonymous asked:
Emery very sexy.

Anon very kinky